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We are

not just archi tects.

We offer way more.

What do we do

Acronym ATAM stands for Almir Trubljanin who is the CEO&Founder of the office, and architecture and management representing our major services.

From the first meeting through a conceptual design, we provide insight into the future project to prepare it for the building permit application.

In hand of a building permit we take care of the good execution of the project through construction supervision and control until you move into your new home.

The process



/ Analysis

Getting to know each other through a construction site visit


/ Pre-planning

Schematic design and budget analysis of the customer


/ Design

Final design with an insight into the future of your project


/ Finalisation

Building permit application or suggestions for improvement of existing buildings

The process



/ Preparations

Execution drawings and structural engineering consultation


/ Supervision

Project tracking through finding construction companies and tracking the construction work


/ Control

Paying attention to the budget and progress of your project


/ Completing

Completion of construction project

Architecture and construction management


Project documentation

Through the overall project view, all project-relevant preliminary information are carefully collected and analyzed

Interior and exterior design

Through the revision of the current or for new concept we improve the user experience by good managing and organizing the available space.

Feasibility studies

From getting the most out of a new project or analyzing the potential of an existing one throught preparing for the start of construction only the best possibilities are exhausted

Construction control

We take care of this performance phase to ensure that everything is carried out according to standards and guidelines and that safety in construction is respected

— Project categories
Regardless of the stage of your project, we are always happy to help. Wether you are renovating or constructing a new building, you can rely on us. But first, look at our projects!
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